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Green Tourism

As a working farm, the environment is our priority and at Bellevue farm it is important to us to lessen any adverse impacts that our actions have in every way possible, and with some actions we aim to improve our local environment.

Caring for our environment

We are delighted to have received a Gold Award for Green Tourism and are constantly assessing our processes to seek more sustainable options. You will see some of our actions as you explore the farm: look out for our commitment to biodiversity by providing natural habitats for wildlife and insects and notice that the paper in the toilets is unbleached and recycled paper. (Don’t be alarmed – it is clean!) There is also a lot of work going on behind the scenes that you will not be so aware of. To get a better understanding of the commitment we are making take a look at our Green Tourism Policy here.

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How you can help

Our whole team are committed to the Green Tourism Project and its values. We would be very grateful if you can help us during your visit by following our:

Bellevue Farm Visitor Charter

We ask all visitors to Bellevue Farm to help us to tread lightly on our planet and to respect the landscape of our farm and of our island.

Red squirrel at Bellevue Farm

Bellevue Farm Visitor Charter

During your visit or stay please would you:

  • Help us look after the landscape and wildlife by disposing of litter responsibly – leave no visible trace of your visit.
  • Help us to recycle by putting recyclable waste in the recycling bin.
  • Please turn off taps when you have washed your hands.
  • Support our local producers by buying local.
  • Consider ways that you can travel around the island with as low carbon emissions as possible (maybe hire an e-bike – you can recharge it at Bellevue Farm)
Visiting a bug hotel at Bellevue Farm

Feedback and suggestions

We would love you to leave your feedback when you have visited the farm – especially telling us how well you think we are meeting our commitment to green tourism and maybe leaving any suggestions about ways we could do better. Please look for the feedback slips and QR code links in the barn during your visit. 

If you want to find out more take a look at our Green Tourism Story here or maybe take a look at our Facebook page where we regularly post about our green activities on the farm.

Birds at a feeder on Bellevue Farm