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Green Tourism Story

The Currie Family have farmed Bellevue for 6 generations and we now have our 7th generation (Donald) working the farm with his father (Dad Donald!) and so we are respectful of how the farm will continue to grow as future generations take on the land. Our attention and respect of the land is paramount to the future of the farm and so issues of sustainability and biodiversity are top of our list of priorities when making decisions about the farm.

Knowledge of green issues has changed throughout the generations, and we are aware that we have so much more information, technology and awareness of how our actions can keep the land healthy. We do our best to work with this information and share it with our visitors to help spread the word.   

The Isle of Arran is a special place not just to its residents but to the many visitors who enjoy the restorative qualities of time on this beautiful island. Keeping the landscape for everyone to enjoy is in everyone’s interest and so we hope that our visitors will help us in our mission.

We have welcomed visitors who have stayed in our letting cottages for many decades and it is lovely when visitors return to the farm as old friends, but it is only since 2018 that we have opened up the farm to visitors who have enjoyed tours of the farm: meeting the family and our animals and hearing about daily life at Bellevue. Ensuring that our visitors can help us to maintain our aims of green tourism is a challenge but one that we encourage everyone to embrace. As you look around the farm we hope you will spot some of our actions that we have taken to ensure that Bellevue is a greener place, whether it is our natural habitats providing refuge for wildlife that can live happily alongside our farm residents (look out for our bug hotels), our solar powered barn or our attempts to reduce waste, compost & recycle. Help us to tread lightly and leave the landscape in its best condition for future generations.