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Green Tourism Policy

As a working farm, the environment is our priority and at Bellevue Farm it is important to us to lessen any adverse impacts that our actions have in every way possible, and with some actions we aim to improve our local environment.

We are currently working towards an award in Green Tourism and this is helping us to actively assess our processes and seek more sustainable options. This statement lays out some of the aims and principles that we are adopting:

Including others in our mission

We aim to encourage and enable our guests (whether guests staying at our cottages, visitors enjoying a farm tour or people making a purchase from our farm shop or regular farmers market) to help us to be as responsible as we can in our use of energy, consumables and in reducing and recycling our waste. We actively seek to help anyone spending time at Bellevue farm to not just help us to achieve our green aims but to take away some ideas that will help them to lead a greener lifestyle. Everyone working at Bellevue farm is aware of and actively supports our mission to operate in a more sustainable manner.

Land management and livestock

We manage our livestock with the highest priority given to their welfare and our land is managed with a focus on long term sustainability. Animals graze naturally outside for as much of the year as is practical for them. Our hens and turkeys are free range, enjoying the freedom to wander over the whole farm. Our 2 rescue donkeys enjoy a happy life in the fields alongside our sheep and cows. Most of our fields are bordered by hedgerows providing natural hedgerow environments for wildlife and we have areas of the farm that we allow to grow naturally with wild flowers and grasses to provide natural habitats for birds and insects (as well as our bug hotels providing luxury insect accommodation!).

Buy local

As the Arran Ambassador for Scotland Food and Drink, Ailsa promotes the importance of buying and using local (Arran) and Scottish produce. The farm shop sells meat from animals reared on the farm and so we know that they enjoyed a happy and healthy life, we sell our own eggs, cheese (produced on site), local honey, local milk and ice cream in the shop and during the regular farmers markets a wide range of local produce is sold, including locally produced beers, vegetables, bread, cakes and even mushrooms. Bellevue also supports local crafts people, selling locally produced crafts.

Sustainable purchasing

Whilst always seeking local products where possible we have several principles that help us to make responsible decisions when choosing suppliers for the wide range of consumables and equipment required in our diverse business:

  • Do we need to buy? Can we repair, re-use, reduce?
  • Can we recycle? Much of the equipment for children’s play areas in the barn are recycled/ purchases from local families/schools.
  • What are the sustainable credentials of potential suppliers?
  • What is the most sustainable and financially viable product that we can afford?
  • We regularly review suppliers to check if a more sustainable option is available.

Waste and recycling

We aim to keep waste that goes into landfill to a minimum by seeking ways to reduce waste and recycle products that can be recycled.

  • We provide compost facilities for food waste.
  • We have clearly labelled recycling points to help visitors to know what can be recycled and where.

Energy and water consumption

We make every effort to monitor and reduce our use of energy and water where possible.

  • Our barn is powered by solar panels on the roof.
  • We encourage guests to reduce their use of energy during their stay.
  • The Bellevue team seek ways to reduce the use of energy and water in their daily activities.

Reducing carbon emissions

As members of the ‘Arran Net Zero Group’ we regularly measure our carbon footprint and supported by the group are taking steps to record and reduce this to achieve a net zero footprint not just within our own farm but across the Isle of Arran.It is hoped that the Arran Net Zero Group will be in a position to provide the carbon-reduction blueprint for Scottish agriculture.

Working with our community

Bellevue Farm is part of the local community both within Blackwaterfoot and the wider Arran community. We regularly take actions to support our community having donated an area of our land for the local Kilpatrick community garden and holding regular Farmers Markets that provide a sales outlet for local producers. At Farmers markets we hold a raffle that benefits the Arran food bank and we frequently donate raffle prizes or funds raised from fun activities to the many local charitable organisations. Working with the local organisation: ‘Ecosavvy’ we support them in promoting their message and products via our farmers markets.